About Us - Nautical Marine & Engineering
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About Us

Nautical Marine & Engineering Pte Ltd | Shipping & Marine Supplier Singapore

Nautical Marine & Engineering Pte Ltd is a leading provider of Marine services company managed by a team of highly qualified professionals in the shipping industry.


Nautical Marine has managed to establish itself as the preferred partner in the marine transportation services industry due to our first-class service, trustworthiness, reliability and honesty. We pride ourselves as a business partner who has a vested interest in the performance of your company rather than just purely a service provider.


Our strength lies in our agility and our consistent commitment to give the best to our clients. We put the relationship with our clients and business partners on top of everything else. This gives our clients the confidence to leave us to do the work so that they will have better control of their business and peace of mind.


Our transparency in interacting with our clients allows us to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. This in turn translates to maximizing our clients’ competitiveness in this highly demanding and challenging industry.

KC Goh


“I always believe in treating our clients like business partners rather than just purely customers. In this way, we understand them better, leading us to provide services and expertise that will meet their individual needs to the fullest.”


Under the guidance of Mr KC Goh, we now have an impressive fleet of 13 supply vessels. Under his leadership, Nautical Marine has amassed great trust and confidence among our growing group of clients. His objective is to continue to impress every single one of our clients, all the time.


With more than 20 years’ experience in this industry, Mr Goh understands what makes the business work.

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